Arts Council of Wales Production Grant

Domestic Landscapes Project 

In July 2016 I was successful in gaining an Arts Council of Wales production grant for a project partnered by Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, with a working title of Domestic Landscapes. This grant has provided an opportunity for me to develop new work for my first solo exhibition to open at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre in March 2018. 


The intention for this work is to create a poignant and sensual body of work that forms around themes of longing, still life and the landscape of the domestic. The work will be presented as a three-dimensional still life and will bring together porcelain with American black walnut. The grant will enable me to integrate processes and ideas developed through two previous research projects  – training in plaster model and mould making with Sasha Wardell (supported by Arts Council of Wales) and an artist residency with Makers Using Technology. The significance of the crafted object within my practise began through the development of plaster working skills learnt in Sasha Wardell’s workshops; and the residency with Makers Using Technology has been significant in introducing digital technologies to my practise.