Makers Using Technology, Artist-in-Residence

International Centre for Design and Research (PDR)
Cardiff Metropolitan University

14th May – 28th August 2015

In 2015 I was one of two artists awarded a funded artist-in-residence position on the Makers Using Technology residency programme. The residencies took place at the International Centre for Design and Research (PDR) and were supported by The Institute of Sustainable Design and Arts Council Wales. The residency programmes ran for 16 weeks with a theme of ‘Exploration of Materiality.’

The residency afforded me the opportunity to be expertly trained to work with and explore 3D haptic modelling software in conjunction with a range of 3D printing and scanning technologies and CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) milling technologies.

During the residency my work became heavily informed by the outcomes of low fidelity 3D scanning, specifically the ‘blurring effect’ of object with environment that could be achieved. Through this scanning technique I was able to develop 3D ‘domestic’ tableaus – for example a wrinkled table cloth with the impression of a cup still present, or a knife yet to be cleared.

Developed into models using 3D haptic modelling software, these scans could then be CNC milled from hard woods.