Juror Prize Winner – Materials: Hard and Soft 2017

International Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition

Museum of Craft and Design, Denver, US

4th Feb – 6th May 2017

Work titled No Tangible Object was selected for exhibition in Materials: Hard and Soft and with great delight was selected as winner of the Juror Prize Award 

“The process of creating art in any form incites an important sense of place for artists and viewers alike. By extension, creative practice helps build a rich path to well being and vitality nurturing a fundamental cultural groundwork for humanity. 

The compilation of objects and installations for Materials: Hard and Soft celebrates many mediums, including alternative mediums such as duct tape and marshmallows, in addition to all kinds of repurposed materials. True to the mission of the 30th anniversary exhibit, the work shown reflects contemporary craft to its fullest, honouring creativeness, vision, innovation and new concepts.”

JoAnn Edwards, Executive Director, Museum of Craft and Design

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