No Tangible Object



Juror Prize Winner, Materials: Hard and Soft Exhibition, Denver US 2016


The condition of being in-between states is a central theme within the works I create. Uncertain and transient, it is a condition that exists at the heart of human being. Paradoxically, perhaps, my means of exploring this condition is through meticulous empirical enquiry, and these works are intended to reflect this working process. Through the testing out of porcelain and flux under the influence of heat within the kiln chamber, I am able to arrest a process mid-point. In doing so I hope to capture the intangible – an uncertain moment – extending that moment long enough to be seen.

The focus of the series of works titled No Tangible Object is the meniscus on a spoon filled to the point of tipping. This visual detail becomes a point of return for these works. The bulging liquid at the very limits of its container and beyond, describes a moment of extended pressure, of pent up potential. The ubiquitous image of spoon a reference point towards connected narratives in the mind of the viewer. A thought, an idea is being offered to the viewer through the repeated image of a spoon filled to the point of over flow.