An Archive Of Longing II
1st August – 3rd October 2020

An Archive of Longing II is a work made up of porcelain forms that tenderly capture kitchen still lifes, marking moments in time. The pieces are informed by and evoke a sense of intimacy. Time shared over a cup of tea or supper at home is very personal and this work recollects those moments. It posits a reminder for us to acknowledge these transient punctuations in our everyday.

The work An Archive of Longing II was exhibited as part of a group show curated by Ceri Jones specifically for New Brewery Arts. It was a direct development of a long-running and popular initiative called The Language of Clay, which comprised a series of solo exhibitions touring a network of galleries across Wales.

A Language of Clay presented ceramic work from six artists; Justine Allison, Anne Gibbs, Kate Haywood, Lisa Krigel, Ingrid Murphy and Zoe Preece. Highly regarded in their respective fields, each artist explores the material and aesthetic qualities of clay from different perspectives. Their practices are richly diverse, though are united by a tenacious and skills-based approach. Whether motivated by function, form, social interaction or personal experience, each artist undertakes her practice with a keen sense of materiality.

A Language of Clay podcast
On behalf of New Brewery Arts, myself, artist Lisa Krigel and Ceri Jones curator of A Language of Clay met at Fireworks Clay Studios, to discuss the work showing in the exhibition, our processes and inspirations. You can listen to our conversation by clicking on the image.