Zoe Preece Still Life On Longing IV
Zoe Preece Still Life On Longing IV
Zoe Preece Still Life On Longing IV

London Art Fair with Ruup & Form

17th to 22nd January 2023 

Business Design Centre, Islington, London, N10 QH

I’m delight to have been invited to exhibit at the London Art Fair with Ruup & Form this year. It is my first time showing at London Art Fair, and so feels like a real privilege. I will be showing an installation piece titled Anima. Anima is a still life, a collection of kitchen objects made from a fine white porcelain. The intent of the work is to bring to the fore the intricacies of our everyday and pay homage to those moments. The work is also intended as a study of humanness; an endeavour to engage with the intangible and emotive aspects of life through material processes and form.

A colander, a casserole, cups, spoons and bowls have been carved from plaster, by hand or on the lathe before being moulded and cast in porcelain. All evidence of the life and histories of these porcelain objects has been removed with meticulous care, the surfaces are smoothed and blemish free. The single pallet, the clean lines, the unblemished surfaces and the flux caught momentarily still are intended to generate an experience of quiet and space, as well as a vibrant presence of material. 

Anima translates as soul, breath, life, the feminine. Within this framing, in their porcelain form these kitchen objects could be described as insouled material, inviting us to contemplate the depths and complexities that exist within the prosaic and mundane. 

Ruup & Form curates Duality for London Art Fair 2023 presenting artworks by artists who primarily interact through material led explorations, alongside their sketches and paintings. Duality is a state of being for most. With artists, as they manipulate different mediums to communicate the duality merges into one wholesome form. The artists exhibiting with Ruup & Form at London Art Fair 2023 areKatie Spragg, Naomi Mcintosh, Claudia Clare, Rachna Garodia, Ekta Kaul, Solenne Jolivet, Archana Pathak, Anne Butler, Zoe Preece.

Stand 5

Preview Day Tuesday 17th January, open to public 18-22nd January 2023